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24th-Jun-2007 08:55 pm - [art] lolol sketch thing

Oopsie poopsie, I forgot I had this. xD; Just a random sketch for no reason. |D;
Photoshop hated on me today, so I messed around on openCanvas, which was a royal pain in the butt for me to relearn to even mess around with. It was kind of fun, but GRR, tablet driver hates me and I can't use it in conjunction with openCanvas. u.u Which is why I usually use Photoshop, even though openCanvas has got some neat tools and tones, etc. to play around with. Also, .jpg images suck BALLS when you save them like that in oC, so... Gigantic (read: 300-something kb, which really isn't a lot but is HOMG MEGA QUALITY SAVING THAR MOST PICTURES ARE LIKE 60kb-100kb IN JPEGS WWWWTTTFFFFFFF.


I still suck at bgs, and my coloring looks so WEIRD and the lineart is WAY TOO BOLD but I like it better than my tags from earlier. =___=;;; The only good tag I've posted so far from this chapter is, like, the first one, and that one's kind of cliche and retarded too. Dx POOPNUTS.

WHY DOES THIS PICTURE OVERALL LOOK SO DARK WTF?! Skin is dark, hair is dark, clothes are dark, even the BG LOOKS DARK, and I have a stupidly bright screen because HI LAPTOP so it's gonna be like hecka dark on any other screen, I swear DDDDDx GAWD.

I type more in here than I do in my own journal now, oh my god, that is kind of sad. That's how boring my real life is, and my fandom, omg who wants to hear me say Cake like fifty times in one post? DURR, NO ONE. D| So I'll just bug you instead. ♥

ILU!!! x ∞
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Night had fallen a long time ago, and the moon sat high in the sky, contrasting highly with the deep, dark blue backdrop of midnight. The stars were twinkling brightly, gold and hot-white spattered across the vast canvas. Faintly, the not-so-distant crashes of the sea against the cove and itself could be heard. It was a beautiful night, or at least, that’s what he’d have thought, had he not been drowning slowly in his own guilt and sorrow, so unlike himself.

Hours had passed since Gina left, and by now, she was probably worried about him. But he wasn’t coming home, not tonight—not after Gina had informed him Christopher had stayed out all night waiting for him. So his hunch was true—it was his fault that Christopher was late to the match earlier that day. It was his fault that Christopher was so tired he couldn’t focus on battling his opponent properly. It was his fault Christopher had gotten injured. It was his fault Christopher had almost died today. His fault, his fault, his fault. He felt hot tears prickling the corners of his eyes yet again.

Oh Hell, he was crying again.

Time seemed to crawl by so slowly that seconds stretched into minutes, into half-hours, into hours and his throat felt so constricted and dry that he figured he’d probably die of dehydration before Gina arrived to drag his sorry carcass home. Whatever. If he died then, at least, assuming Christopher was dead or would die soon, he could perhaps meet with him in Heaven, where they wouldn’t need to lie or hide from the world and he could apologize to him profusely.

Blake just laid alone on the unfriendly, uncaring floor, curled up like a baby and crying just as much as one, sniffling, hiccupping, and sinking deeper, deeper into an abyss of self-disgust.
20th-Jun-2007 09:14 pm - [art] unfinished thingy

Rushed coloring, I'll color it properly laters or something. |D;
18th-Jun-2007 03:01 pm - [ART] NOT DFS-RELATED.
17th-Jun-2007 08:39 am - [art] Sketchy-poop-doopie.
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A not-quite mirror image, as, as a mirror, this picture wouldn't make sense because it isn't going opposite. Actually, Blaine looks like he's about to make it out of the friggin' mirror. xD;;;; For he is not FLAT. xDDD;;; Dunno if I'll get to finishing that one, or at least getting to make it make sense, but we'll see. |D;;; I'll experiment with it.
16th-Jun-2007 10:38 am - I FAILED.

<insert DFS-related image here u.u>
15th-Jun-2007 07:50 am - [art] just a doodle :o

Gina-who-looks-not-like-Gina. She is probably queen of hair dyes and Blake probably stole hers or something. |D;

I need to go nuke my coffee.
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